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Beginner Bodyweight Workout Exercises!

8-05-2015, 12:00
Description of bodyweight exercises below.

Today, Motiondynamix fitness presents to you a great beginner calisthenics workout for those individuals who want to get involved in exercising but don't have access to a gym facility or even a set of weights. Your needs here are minimal; an open space, workout mat, towel and water. Start off slow with these and gradually build up your exercise tolerance.
You don't need a gym when you have access to your neighborhood playground or even the private space on your living room floor. Without the use of fancy machinery or extra equipment, you can with a little effort develop improved strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and body composition. Bodyweight workout exercises utilizing the body's own resistance makes this all possible. These beginner bodyweight workout exercises are fun to perform! You will develop strength in your arms, shoulders, chest, abs, gluteus and legs by following this simple yet effective workout.
Enjoy the workout and I hope that you become fully immersed in your personal fitness development! NO EXCUSES, ONLY RESULTS!!

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Below is the list of the exercises displayed in the video. I would recommend performing 8 -- 12 repetitions per exercise, and structure the workout in a circuitous fashion and perform 2 -- 3 rounds of the circuit! Just a suggestion, you can do whatever works for you. Here we go!
A great way to start off the sequence as that movement develops flexibility in the hamstrings.
You probably will develop far superior abs performing this move on a regular basis compared to the so called elite abdominal exercises, which for the most part are hip flexor exercises.
A staple in the world of bodyweight training!
Here you are taking advantage of two major movements, and as a result benefiting from lower and upper abs development.
These are really good for increasing strength and flexibility in the lumbar region.
This is a great movement to increase shoulder range flexibility, and lower back when done correctly.
The king of all exercises and rightly deserves its title because of the spectrum of benefits offered.
This is another great leg training tool! Lunges will firm you butt up really good and add shape to your thighs. It also helps with your balance and mobility.
These are not as easy as they look, especially when you get into more complex variants. Try them out and test your flexibility and core strength. Have fun with them!
Another simple looking exercise but have tremendous benefits from performing a few sets consistently.
Straight from the yoga archives! Excellent exercise for loosening up the back muscles.
This is an essential exercise for creating great posture. Don't overlook the plank! Try holding one for 5 minutes!

This dynamic movement is a winner on many levels. You are creating shoulder flexibility, hip and glute flexibility, balance and core development.
Calf raises will put the finishing touches to a great physique. Go for a deep burn with these and make sure to stretch them out afterwards.
Another deceptive exercise right here! Substitute this movement for the abductor machine at the gym and feel the higher degree of burn! Your balance is also challenged in this position.
Save the headstands until you have developed adequate core strength and balance from the other drills. Once you get to them though, they are great rejuvenating isometric hold as well as core stabilizer.
Good luck with your training and remember, don't make it complicated! Just go out there and move, and have loads of fun!

Music by Cabbir the Great
Video filmed and edited by Eric Estevez (my young superstar)

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Have fun with parallettes training! check out this one:
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