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The Gym Experience!

12-04-2015, 12:00
Bodyweight workout at the gym Fort Lauderdale!
Today my workout was featured at "The Gym Fort Lauderdale". This unique establishment provided access to both an outdoor workout experience as well as a typical indoor gym layout with a full spectrum of functional equipment. With my love for the outdoors, most of my workout was done at the rooftop segment with its magnificent ocean view and surrounding beach activities. I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to Randy for his kind gesture in allowing me to use the gym for a killer workout! I am looking forward to returning sometime soon in the near future.
The exercises illustrated here are not exactly beginners drills, neither are they far from your reach. A little diligence and commitment to your training will enable you to rapidly develop your skill level to here and beyond. Thanks for watching the video and I hope that you enjoy! If there is any type of exercise video that you would like to see featured on my channel, be sure to send a request. Thank You!

Video recorder by Matthew Pelton
by: Kevin Jeong https://soundcloud.com/kevinjeong
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