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15 Jack Lalanne Fingertip Pushups

18-01-2015, 12:00
The Lalanne fingertip push up (Fingertip plank push up). For sure one of the hardest push ups in the world and one of the most difficult bodyweight exercises ever. See also my NEW video with a bigger routine and more variations (Calisthenics: 10+ Crazy Extreme Push Ups 2013): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naRaVsFn_g4. How to do: Lay down flat as straight as possible while keeping the core strong and tight, put the weight on the fingertips and press while keeping the tension all the way from the fingers to the feet.
This is similar to the Shaolin / Muy Thau push up but using the fingertip technique is much more difficult than using the palm. Also called Fingertip plank push up, fingertip planche push ups or Superman Fingertip push up.

The Original Video & Exercise:
Jack Lalanne - Fingertip Pushups

How to do lalanne push ups? This push up requires a lot of core strength, so dont try it if you have a weak back. Try keep the body and arms as straight and stretched as possible and contract the abs and core to get a maximum tension from the fingertips to the feet. Press with the fingertips and keeping the tension and core tight will be very important.
Making yourself as "long" and straight as possible the more difficult it gets, bent arms/legs makes it easier and might be practised that way. Try keep the feet and the fingers locked in its position, not trying to make you "shorter".
This is for sure one of the hardest bodyweight exercises ever, and comparing to the shaolin push up (sometimes called the hardest push up in the world) - this one is much more difficult using the fingertips and not the palm.

SEE ALSO my NEW Calisthenics: 10+ Crazy Extreme Push Ups 2013 - HD:

And my other push up and calisthenics videos, for example:

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Jack Lalanne's homepage.

I also recommend user swaldo2000 and ihealthtube for some Jack Lalanne shows, workouts, tutorials, inspiration, movivation-videos, records etc.

Jack Lalanne - How to gain weight (food, diet and nutrition tips):

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Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement Award - Jack Lalanne documentary:

See also David Warren Workouts and Tee Major Fitness for great bodyweight training.
For some tutorial and instructions using bodyweight to work and exercise chest / planche / core etc, see: How to Get a Big Chest With Bodyweight Exercises! Only 3 Exercises! and Full Planche Push Up Tutorial Training by thef0rtress.
Other great bodyweight exercises see Tee Major Fitness and Ido Portal, for example the video Ido Portal on Paleo Diet, CrossFit, Gymnastics, Motivation, Movement & More - RawBrahs
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